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For "BIOMORPHIL" by Lyn Bentschik

"Biomorphil" is a stage piece by Lyn Bentschik.


This expanded choreography consists of its own movement between the ecosystem, comprising of humans, textiles, portable loudspeakers and moving lights, created by us 8 artists of various disciplines. 


The idea evolved from the research about symbiotic social structures found in nature such as coral reefs or forests. The "Blob-the textile creature" is created for a transdisciplinary way of moving, interacting and searching for its own logic.



Shown at Gessnerallee in Zurich and streamed for the Show from Sound in Motion 5 from the institute for Computer Music and Sound Technology at the University of Zurich, CH.

Graduation project from Lyn Bentschik Master's Thesis in Dance - Choreography at Zurich University of the Arts in Spring 2021.

Author: Lyn Bentschik

Performer: Aga Pędziwiatr, Ambra Peyer, Momo Tanner

Sound: Thomas Grenzebach

Lights: Ivalina Yapova

Outside Eye: Marie Alexis

IO: Costume and Object Design

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