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"Thinking with plant in 2436 meters above the sea"

Lichen Performance with Mélia Roger


FurkArt21 at Furkapass, CH

Thinking with plants in 2436 meters above the sea

"Arts meets science at 2436 meters on the Furka Pass, literally. The Furkablick Hotel, centre of the famous FurkArt activities in the 80ies and 90ies, and 50 meters further the old military camp now serving as the headquarters for the Alpine Research Station Furka (ALPFOR).


The non-profit association ALPFOR, affiliated to the University of Basel is running the research station. ALPFOR's aim is to monitor and study biodiversity and the behaviour of alpine plants and the impact of global change. It offers ideal conditions for scientists, students and naturalists to understand and explore the alpine environment.

Besides the ALPFOR team and the students and teachers of ZHdK, PhD students of the Urner Institut der Kulturen der Alpen of the University of Lucerne, run by Boris Previsic took part in the project week.


This offered a further exchange between the different ways of knowing in the Arts, represented by ZHdK, the Sciences, representd by ALPFOR and the Humanities, represented by the Urner Institut der Kulturen der Alpen."

Author: MTR ZHdK


"Thinking with plants

in 2436 meters above the sea"

Project week 27.06. - 02.07.2021

by Master Transdisciplinarity in the Arts ZHdK


This performance consists of a soundscape and choreography collaborated with the grown lichen,

the Rhizocarpon geographicum, also called the Map Lichen, on the selected rock above.

This work in progress with Mélia Roger is the first approach to an encounter and listening to a world

of symbiosis which grows on nacked rocks.


Being led by the natural habitat of this Map Lichen, opened up a space for care, encounter and deep listening through entering with one's own body.

Performer: IO and Rhizocarpon geographicum 

Sound Setting: Mélia Roger

Recording: Mélia Roger

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